(Thin as a coin!)
The Fortress Carbon Fiber Stabilization System is a Carbon-fiber/Kevlar grid strap reinforcement system, designed to stabilize
foundations that have fractured or bowed due to soil pressure, water damage and other causes.

- Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid tensile strength stronger than steel!
- Quick installation without costly excavation, tiebacks, or I-beams.
- Fully tested, certified and guaranteed for the life of the home.

- The most advanced turnkey reinforcement system available today.
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Nu-Air (The Eliminator)



ELIMINATES: Excess humidity, mold, mildew, odours & Depressurization             The Eliminator is two products in one.

SUMMER OPERATION - the Eliminator's exhaust only mode eliminates excess basement humidity and associated problems such as cold damp air, condensation, musty odours and mildew.

HEATING SEASON: - the Eliminator's air exchanger mode gives controlled ventilation and dehumidification without causing negative pressure. In air exchange mode, the Eliminator improves indoor air quality by exhausting stale air, odours and humidity while introducing fresh outdoor air that is tempered by the room air before being introduced to the living space.


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