About Us

Over 30 years experience,

Guardian Basement Waterproofing Inc. is constantly testing and evaluating the latest Waterproofing / Foundation Repair products and technology, to see how we can better serve our customer's needs.

First, keeping on the cutting edge of Innovative technology is one of three core missions and goals we have. Our job is not to duplicate or copy other Basement Waterproofing Companies, but to follow our customer's needs.

Second, We will be excellent. Our waterproofing and foundation repairs must be of lasting value and highest quality, or we have no business working at all.

Third, we will demonstrate or show integrity. In all our work, our working with our customers, in our advertisements. we have a commitment to truth in dealing with customers with no high pressure sales tactics. Giving fair pricing on all our services, with a full one year price guarantee on all estimates.


These three guide us in every thing we do. Its what Guardian Basement Waterproofing Inc. is all about. Striving to do a better job for you, our customer.

Steven A. Irwin

Serving N.E.Ohio and N.W.Pennsylvania
We service every type of waterproofing and structural problem dealing with basements and foundations. Anything from repairing a small crack, wall reinforcement, wall replacement, including installing a basement under a home that has no basement, we do it all. With over 30 years in the foundation repair/waterproofing business Guardian Basement Waterproofing is a name you can trust. Call us today for a free estimate and you will see why thousands of people decided to trust Guardian with their basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Quality workmanship and the great pricing is what keeps people coming to Guardian Basement Waterproofing Inc.

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